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SA Vloerweelde CC supplies Belgotex carpets, Nouwens carpets, Van Dyck carpets and Crossley carpets. We also manufacture loose rugs using these four brands of carpet. These rugs are overlocked/bound.

Carpeting FAQs

What are the implications of residential carpeting relevant to dust and allergies?

The pile and fibres in carpets trap dust between vacuum cleanings. Therefore, the quantity of airborne dust in carpeted rooms is much lower than in bare rooms, where dust is constantly disturbed by draughts and sweeping. Because airborne dust is a carrier of germs and allergens, these risks are reduced by the dust-trapping properties of a carpet. Home carpeting will not cause allergic reactions if regularly vacuumed, and is therefore an excellent choice for people with allergies to domestic dust mites. Many people mistakenly believe that carpets are less hygienic than other flooring. The reality is that bacteria and allergens accumulate on ALL floors, despite regular cleaning.

Carpeted rooms have up to 12 times less dust than smooth-surfaced areas. Studies show that carpeted rooms have less airborne dust and allergens than other surfaces. Not only does your carpet improve the air you breathe by trapping these irritants in their fibres, but anti-microbial treatment eliminates dust mites and bacteria, and reduces unpleasant odours too! The filtering effect of carpets directly alleviates allergic reactions, as proven by research conducted in Sweden which showed the direct relationship between carpet sales and asthma - the incidences of asthma actually INCREASED as more people mistakenly replaced their carpets with other flooring in a misguided attempt to reduce symptoms.

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How will residential carpeting help with heat insulation?

Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity, and they help reduce energy costs related to heating and cooling when there is a significant temperature differential between the indoor air and the surface under the floor. Carpets create an insulating layer between the cold floor below and the walking surface, preventing cold temperatures from spreading through the sub-floor and reducing the need for under-floor heating. Of course, a decreased need of air-conditioning only has a positive impact on the environment.

How do I select which carpet is best for me?

Fashion versus function: Select a carpet based not only on the colour or pattern that you find attractive, but also on the amount of expected traffic in, and the intended usage of, the area in question. Certain carpet structures are better suited to different areas.  Check the grading for light, medium or heavy residential or commercial use, and select your carpet accordingly.

Lifestyle: Decide which features are most important for your family's needs and lifestyle and choose accordingly. Is it style or convenience? Safety or comfort? A combination of both?

Colour: Always select a shade darker than the floor. Colours appear lighter when laid. Darker colours make a room seem smaller, whereas lighter shades create a sense of spaciousness. Most carpets are made from UV-resistant fibres that won't fade or discolour in sunlight, but check the care instructions before treating stains.

Texture: Add texture and interest to your room by contrasting the textures on your walls and floors. Add luxurious softness with a thick pile carpet, or create a tactile sensation with a high textured pattern which combines cut-pile luxury with loop-pile durability.

How do I care for my carpets?

Vacuum heavy traffic areas daily and other areas at least weekly. Regular vacuuming restores pile height and removes trapped dust and allergens, improving indoor air quality.

Each manufacturer provides specific spot cleaning instructions relevant to their carpets.  Regular professional cleaning is important and should be done every 12 – 18 months

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SA Vloerweelde CC supplies Belgotex carpets, Nouwens carpets, Van Dyk carpets and Crossley carpets. We also manufacture loose rugs using these four brands of carpet...

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