Wooden Flooring

For the customer desiring a wooden flooring solution, there are basically three different options available. These options reside under the “wooden flooring” umbrella because they are either comprised of “solid” wood, or create an authentically wooden aesthetic.

Solid wooden floors

These are mainly Oregon Pine or Teaks, but there are many more choices on offer. These floors are installed either as floating or suspended configurations. In the case of a floating floor, solid wood is placed on top of a cement slab. The cement and wooden floor are separated by a combination of a foam and plastic layer that provides a measure of cushioning, making the wooden surface resistant to cracking under pressure. Floating wooden flooring features expansion joints, and the look is finished off nicely with tasteful skirting options.

With suspended flooring on the other hand, cushioning slats are placed into cavities cut into the wooden flooring panels, and the flooring rests on these elevated cushioned surfaces. This means that the flooring is essentially hollow underneath, resulting in the trademark 'hollow'ish' sound generated when it is walked on.

Engineered woods

Also referred to as composite or man-made wood, or manufactured board, engineered woods incorporate a host of derivative wood products which are produced by bonding the strands, particles, fibres, or veneers or boards of wood, together with adhesives, or various other bonding processes to create composite materials as finished products.


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This flooring option therefore utilises a synthetic wood material, constructed from a base board (such as plywood or pressed wood) with a thin layer of real wood on top of it. The top layer of real wood typically ranges from 3mm to 8mm in thickness. The installation of flooring solutions involving engineered woods always employ a “tongue and groove” (clicking) mechanism, and these floors are always classed as a floating option. They can be glued down, however, but this is generally not recommended.

Laminate wood

Lamination involves the manufacturing of a material in numerous layers, with the result being that the composite material exhibits increased and enhanced characteristics in areas such as strength, stability, sound insulation and aesthetics. Typically, a lamination is achieved using a combination of heat, pressure, welding, or other adhesive process.

As is the case with engineered woods, laminate floors represent a synthetic solution. Oxide and protective layers used in the construction process are what give the laminate surface a wooden appearance. There are numerous colour options available when choosing this flooring solution.

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Bamboo flooring

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Bamboo flooring is characterised by exceptional hardness and durability, but still retains a uniquely natural visual that adds style and beauty.

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Wooden Flooring

For the customer desiring a wooden flooring solution, there are basically three different options available. These options reside under the “wooden flooring” umbrella because...


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